Search engine optimization


Get new customers from search engine

When you are looking for some product or service, what will You do ?

You make a Google search, check some first search results and choose from those.

Do you think that your business should be there when new customers are looking for products and services what you could offer?

It's hard, almost impossible or very expensive.
So you think.

It's not. In many cases good position in Google search results is not very expensive, when you have right man doing that for you.
We offer low-cost search engine optimization and we boost that with search engine marketing, Google AdWords. With this combination we can offer you much new visitors who are searching services and products what you are offering.

How does it go ?

At first you tell us your website address and some keywords. Then we make search word analysis and then we know what words and phrases people use the most when they are searching services and products what you are offering.

After that we will start search engine optimization:
1. We will make necessary changes to your website. Or we can tell those to you if you want to make them yourself.
2. We start external search engine optimization process, which includes high page rank dofollow link building, social media etc.
3. We don't stop here. Good SEO isn't one trick, it is continuous process. When we reach good position in Google, we will continue working, so you will have good position also in future.

Check our July offer:
Search engine optimization with one price, 50euros/month.

What is search engine optimization ?

When you are searching something with Google, you have probably thought: Why some websites are high in search results and why some websites are in page 8 ?
Is it just lottery ?
Or is it money ? Good ranking comes with big money ?

Google wants to offer high quality search results, so Google has algorithm, which decides what page is first in search results, what page is second etc...

There is about 200 things, which affects to that ranking. And knowing them is main thing when we start search engine optimization.

You can search tips and tricks from internet but usually business-owners notice that using hundreds and hundreds hours to that is not very clever: paycheck from all those work is Google search result position 47 in page 4 or something. Maybe you should use those hours doing you own job. And leave search engine optimization to professionals.

Or maybe some salesman sells you "search engine friendly" website solution. Well, maybe your website is search-engine-friendly, but so are almost all websites today. So are they all first in Google search results ?
Search-engine-friendly has nothing to do with REAL search engine optimization. Real SEO is much more than some techniques in website.

How about Google AdWords ?
Perhaps you have tried Google advertising with 1000euros, but income was much less. Adwords is good thing, but you have to use it right way. Every visitor cost, but every visitor is not paying customer. That's why we think and plan very much, how we use adwords with our customers. And that's why it is very important that you will get visitors to your site mostly from organic search = Good SEO, not only from Google Adwords advertising.

Are you ready to invest 100euros ?
You will get 2 months service, which includes:
- search engine optimization
- search word analysis
- Google Adwords advertising

No extra cost. You pay 100 euros, no more and you will get all that.
And after 2 months you decide, what to do. You can stop there or continue with us with same fee, 50euros/month.


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